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CPR Class Reviews

What Others Are Saying About CPR Louisville!


Great Experience! Akim Nyormoi, OT Student



Stress Free and Relaxed!

Knowledgeable instructor with personal experience. Daniel Barber, RN


I really learned more by the individualized small group question and answer with scenarios. Roberta Boon, RN, Nurse Practitioner Student


Well worth the time and money. Debra Ison, Physical Therapist


Great! Best Class I’ve taken. Jessica Neese, Occupational Therapy Assistant


Enjoyed the class. Loved the stress free environment. Made it much easier to focus and learn being a first timer. Stephanie Tello, AVP


Very comfortable and encouraging! Shineen, Respiratory Therapist


The instructor was so kind and helpful. Cindy Johnson, Dental Hygienist


Stress-Free class just as promised. Tim Akerson, Nursing Student



Excellent Instructors.


Great class! Great teaching! Monae Duncan, PCA
Thorough and informative. Sara Duggan, RN


Great availability of class. Thomas Jones, Dentist


Good demonstrations and explanations. Betty Jones, Dental Hygienist


It was great! Sarah Duplessis, Physician Assistant



Everyone is So Friendly.

Very organized and friendly instructor. Jason K., Nursing Student


Fast and relaxed class. Jenn Wilmer, Student


Best CPR class I’ve ever taken. Sarah P., Personal Trainer


Excellent BLS certification class. Thank you! Brenda C., Nurse



Best BLS I’ve Taken!



Terrific instructor! Bill K, Paramedic


I’ve taken ACLS many times over the years and I can honestly say that this was the most relaxed and organized one ever. I also learned  more this time than ever before. Very knowledgeable instructor. Great company. Keep it up. Cathy J., Physician


Great website and easy registration. Made everything easy! Steph M., Med student


Great phone support and customer service. Excellent! Kris Thompson, Coach


Fun and Informative! Tony K., NP


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