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Pediatric Life Support

The American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support renewal class is meant to refresh the PALS provider’s skills in the treatment of seriously ill or injured infants and children. In addition to refreshing the student’s skills, updates and changes are presented that have been made to the PALS algorithms and treatment approaches. 

CPR Louisville wants each and every student to leave feeling confident in their treatment skills. Our PALS instructors are passionate about making sure our students succeed. The PALS renewal class is fun, stress free, and will provide an informative review with practice to make sure providers are prepared for all of the covered pediatric emergencies.


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Main Course Content:

  • -Overview of PALS ScienceAHA Logo
  • -1 and 2 rescuer infant CPR
  • -1 and 2 rescuer child CPR
  • -Resuscitation Team Concept
  • -Coping with death
  • -Overview of the Pediatric Assessment
  • -Putting It All Together- Practice of the Cardiac, Respiratory, and Shock Core Cases
  • -Core Case Testing (2 per student)
  • -Written Exam

PALS Healthcare Provider


Local, Hands-On & Stress Free!

  • -100% American Heart Association
  • -Experienced & Fun Instructors
  • -Avoid Long, Frustrating Online Classes! 
  • StressFree Training.
  • -Your Success is Our Focus.
  • -Fast and Organized Class! 


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PALS Refresher Course Includes:

  • -Receive Your 2 year PALS Card **DAY OF CLASS
  • -Complete PALS Recertification Class w/ PALS skills test included
  • -Course Registration Fee
  • -American Heart Association Site Fee
  • -American Heart Association Instructor Fee


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Further Information:

How Long is a PALS Class?
The PALS renewal process is around 6-7 hours in length.

How Do I Register for a local Louisville PALS Class?
If you would like to register for a PALS renewal class with CPR Louisville, please view the calendar below. Look for the “PALS Renew” option on the calendar. Hover your mouse over the “PALS Renew” option on the calendar to view the start time for the class. To enroll, click the link in the date box on the calendar that works best for you. This will take you to the official registration page. Under the American Heart Association, all students are required to have the current AHA PALS Provider manual. If you already have a current manual, you do not need to purchase a new one. If you do need one, you can add it on this page and CPR Louisville will provide FREE shipping of your manual prior to class. Instructions on how to prepare for your class will be included on your receipt that will be emailed after registration has been completed.

Additional Information About Your PALS Class. 
Every 5 years the American Heart Association updates and revises their training materials to reflect the most current science based research. This information is covered in the recertification process. Providers should only attend a PALS renewal class if they have previously completed the full PALS provider course. Students are also encouraged to have a current American Heart Association BLS certification when attending any PALS course. If your PALS provider card is expired, please call our CPR Louisville staff to discuss your options. In certain circumstances, you may be able to attend the PALS renewal class. Your PALS certification must NOT be expired more than 60 days and must have been based on the most current AHA guidelines.

PALS is intended for those who work in emergency departments, pediatric intensive care units, urgent care settings, anesthesia units, acute care areas at children’s hospitals, pediatric surgery departments, pediatric outpatient surgery centers, advanced dentistry, pediatric respiratory therapy departments, some pharmacy departments, and many more. Most employers of these departments require employees to have their PALS certification.


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