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First Aid Class

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American Heart Association Heartsaver® Course


First AidThe Heartsaver® First Aid class will teach students the essential skills and knowledge required to manage emergencies until advanced medical personal arrives. This American Heart Association training course can be life-saving in critical situations.

First Aid and CPR training can be taken by anyone. Many Louisville employers require their staff to be certified in First Aid and CPR. For example, teachers, electricians, construction workers, lifeguards, fitness trainers, factory workers, transportation workers, welders, early childcare teachers, and many more must be certified in this training.
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First Aid Component:
During this instructor led class, students will learn the basics of first aid, management of medical emergencies, immediate management of injuries, and how to treat environmental emergencies. The list below further details some of the emergencies students will learn to treat in this AHA Designed and OSHA approved First Aid Class.

  • -Basics of First Aid & Scene Safety
  • -Finding the Problem & Getting Help
  • -Medical & Environmental Emergencies
  • -Management of Shock & Injury Emergencies
  • -How to Handle Bleeding, Broken Bones, Burns
  • -What to do for Bites and Stings


Fun, Stress-Free Certifications!

  • -100% American Heart Association
  • -Relaxed Classroom Environment
  • -Experienced, Fun Instructors
  • -Hands-On Training w/ Mannequins and Real Equipment
  • -No Boring On-line Classes


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Additional Information:
This course is a mixture of video, lecture, and hands on skill practice. Students will utilize actual first aid supplies, CPR manikins, and AED machines with direct and friendly guidance and supervision by our American Heart Association First Aid and CPR certified instructors.


When do I get my Card?
The Same Day as Class every student will receive a 2 Year AHA HeartSaver CPR and HeartSaver First Aid card. 


Our calendar above lists the upcoming First Aid and/or CPR classes at CPR Louisville. We also can arrange for private groups and send an American Heart Association instructor to your job site for this training. To register for a local Louisville First Aid and CPR class, click the link in the calendar that works best. This will take you to the registration page. All students are required to have a the current AHA Heartsaver manual for class. If you have a current manual from the last time you attended training, you do not need to purchase a new one. If you do need a Heartsaver manual, one can be added on your registration page.


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× Yes, we are your local American Heart Association training site. We offer in-person classes, skills checks, and blended online learning.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: 100% of CPR Louisville instructors have entirely completed (1) the rigorous and official American Heart Association instructor training and certification process, and (2) the “How to Teach a Stress-Free CPR Class™” classroom and testing training protocol that ensures a superior experience for everyone. In addition, students will receive their AHA Cards the day of class!

[WARNING]: Because of the high quality, stress-free classroom student experience, our classes fill very fast - so register now to ensure your spot. See our course calendar for online registration or contact us directly by phone, live chat or email with questions.